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Be Dapper The World Over With The Ultimate Men's Travel Shaving Kit!


Be Dapper The World Over With The Ultimate Travel Kit For Men!

Be dapper anytime and anywhere you are in the world with the ultimate travel kit for men. Have everything that you will absolutely need to get that perfectly smooth and hassle-free shaving experience in a quick and easy-to-carry package that you can bring with you anywhere. From the short business trip to the much-needed long vacation, you will always have The 1-4 Men making you look and feel a perfect 10!

See yourself waking up in a beautiful hotel somewhere, all scruffy from a whole day of business meetings or sightseeing or an entire night of eating, drinking, and partying, and you need a close shave right away? The 1-4 Men has got you covered. Lather our cloudily soft Not Just A Shave Cream on your face and start gliding the razor that comes with your kit across the surface of your skin to immediately feel the closest and smoothest shave you have ever had in your life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to take the ultimate shaving experience with you anywhere you go? Once you’ve tried it, we guarantee you will not want to have another day without it. The 1-4 Men Travel Kit comes complete with 1x 100 mL Not Just A Shave Cream, 1x Eco-friendly razor, 10x spare DE razor blades, and 1x razor blade disposer found in one specially-designed PU leather toiletries bag—everything you need to get the perfect shave anywhere you are in the world. Don’t miss it when you need it. Get The 1-4 Men’s Travel Shaving Kit today!

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