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The 1-4 Men Co-founders


I grew up in the Fashion Industry having a mother who was a seamstress and owned a high end clothing manufacturing company in Sydney Australia, I took over the family business and ran it for 20 years. My interest in skincare came at a young age having pimples and blotchy skin as a teenager I was always trying different products. I remember mixing and experimenting with my mum’s moisturiser and the commonly available pimple creams and face cleansers that were available, but nothing quite worked.

I do on a regular basis shave and moisturise with the 1-4 men and regularly get compliments on how young I look.

The 1-4 Men brings healthy and natural looking skin to men’s daily routine while helping moisturise hydrate and repair the skin while shaving.

We at the 1-4 men are devoted to the care and simplicity of your daily routine.


Rina’s passion for cosmetics started at a young age. Rina was Concerned about the chemicals she was using on hers and her children’s sensitive skin, and passionate about helping like-minded people, Rina began developing a range of products made with natural, gentle ingredients. The inspiration for these products came from her love of cosmetics and her knowledge of health and wellbeing. Rina’s vision was to create a sustainable beauty brand that transforms people through self-care, helping them to reach their highest potential.

Today, the Rinascentia range has a wide portfolio of clients and features signature cosmetics for all genders with the aim to breathe new life into people’s self-esteem and confidence, so they are reborn.

Hero Ingredients

Three powerful Australian native actives of Quandong, Gotu Kola & Kangaroo Paw, which are high in
antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that calm and soothe the skin.

Brimming with amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids and phytochemicals, they also help speed up the
skin’s healing process. They’re suitable for even sensitive skin.

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