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Men’s Shaving Secrets

Men’s Shaving Secrets

Three Tips To a Perfect Shave

Some of the secrets your barber does not want you to know are;

The most important things to know is that a A good shave requires preparation, knowhow and understanding, while using Not just a shave Cream, it will save you time

If you are a man who understands the importance of moisturizing the skin and hair before shaving, the hair grows and and hair folicals many men don’t have an idea about. So, let’s talk about the shaving secrets, promising you a comfortable experience.

1. Preperation, Hydrate, Hydrate

Sure, your facial hair is stiff and dry when you wake , but with proper skin and hair hydration you can minimize irritation and cuts during shaving. So, right after you step out of that warm shower, you can apply the preshave moisturizer to your wet face and let it sit there while you finish drying yourself, then wet the razor and start shaving.The skin and hair will be softer and easier to shave, the special formulation in the NOT JUST A SHAVE CREAM is designed for the razor to glide effortlessly along your face with ease and not cause friction therefore not allowing the skin to become traumertised and the result being no razor bumps, no irritation and no redness just and a clean fresh hydrated soft looking face .

2. Know How your Hair Grows

The hair on your face can grow in many different directions for example on your cheek it my grow in one direction, but on your neck it could grow another direction, and so on that’s why its important to know wich way it grows,( you can feel it when you rub your hand over it) and never shave against the way it grows as this will cause irritation and redness.

3. Sharp and clean blades

You should always shave with a sharp blade as this will result in the least effort to cut through the hair, if your blade is dull or old it takes more effort to cut the hair and you could end up cutting your face and nicking your skin, be conscious to always rinse the blade after every stroke as this will keep the blades from clogging up.

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