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Men’s Shaving Secrets p2

Men’s Shaving Secrets p2

1. Be Gentle

A Man’s shaving regime can leave his face red and sore, the scraping and dragging effect of a Razor day in day out, can leave small cuts to your face and when the cuts heal they cause small scars that can lead to problems like scar tissue.

Men’s skin can be left sensitive if not looked ater, That being said, whenever you are shaving, make it a point to shave with gentle and light strokes let the weight of your your razor do the work, a well balanced and weghted razor will make all the difference.

2. Clean and Dry Blades

A common side effect of not rinsing the blade regulary is skin irritation as the razor tries to cut hair while being clogged with hair from a previous stroke, clean blades are crucial to taking care of the skin and getting a smooth glide over your face. For this reason, it’s essential to clean the blades regularly.

Dry your blade after using it. Keeping it dry ensures you don’t get bacteria buildup as this too can cause irritation.

3. Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Men’s skincare has never before been so upfront and out in the open, we know so much more than years gone by, now the narrative has changed and men everywhere are all talking about how to keep their skin healthy and looking younger. Shops from department stores dedicating whole isles to mens sking care and mens grooming products, to the professionals on the subject (Barber Shops) carrying large ranges of mens products.

One thing that has not changed is men still are time poor that’s why The1-4 Men was created Not Just a Shave Cream to give you more time in the morning being a Pre-Shave, Shave, and After shave formulation in one .

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